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Affiliate Agreement

1.Taking Effect and Modification of This Agreement
(1)Register, an affiliate of Milanoo.com is deemed as completely understood and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein. Please make sure you have read and understood the terms before clicking on “Agree”.
(2)Milanoo.com reserves the right to make modifications to this agreement according to prospective circumstances and conditions. Please notify us in writing if you are not agree on the modifications, otherwise, it will be deemed as you are agreed on the modifications.
2.Affiliate Requirements
(1)An affiliate must be over 18 year-old.
(2)An affiliate must have the independence legal entities of operating and profiting on the web resources affiliating to Milanoo.com. Web resources covered by this agreement only refers to the website and pages, blogs, instant message board subsidiary to the website.
(3)An affiliate site should not violate related internet laws and regulations.
(4)Contents of an affiliate site should have relevance to products sold on Milanoo.com.
(5)An affiliate should own a Paypal account to receive deposits.
3.Milanoo’s Rights and Obligations
(1)Milanoo.com pays the due commissions or rewards to the affiliate when sales are generated by visitors referred from the affiliate’s individual links. 
(2)Commission Type: Milanoo.com pays an affiliate by sale commission.
(3)Commission Rates:The commission rates will be over 10%,meanwhile it will varies from products in Milanoo.com. The commission amount will be the sale amount multiply by the commission rate. For example, the sale amount is $100(shipping fee excluded) and the due commission rate is 10%, so the commission amount will be $100×10%=$10. Milanoo.com has different commission rate varies from different products.
(4)Deposit Payment: An affiliate may claim for a money reward when the commission amount reaches $20 and Milanoo.com will deposit to the affiliate’s Paypal account within 3 working days. An affiliate should pay the taxes charged by PayPal when operating deposit withdrawal.
4.Affiliate Obligations
(1)An affiliate should add the tracking codes to the affiliate websites and should not change or modify the codes with no permission from Milanoo.com. The affiliate should be liable to any deposit failure caused by it.
(2)An affiliate promotes merchandises and services according to proposals of Milanoo.com.
(3)An affiliate’s promotion should not violate related laws, agreements and reserved rights. Milanoo.com will freeze or stop depositing commissions to the affiliate, and terminate the affiliate’s account.
(4)Different affiliate can share same promotional products, and any affiliate will not be the special sharer for a promotional product. 
(5)Milanoo.com is entitled to offer other promotional products if previous sharing and tracking codes failed as the promotion products being deleted later by the affiliate. Previous tracking codes are still relevant to the new products. An affiliate should delete the tracking codes in the affiliate website if not accepting new promotions, otherwise, it will be deemed as an acceptance.
5.Any explanations, applications and disputes of this agreement protected by local laws and ruled by local court where Milanoo.com is located.
6.Milanoo.com Reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions this agreement.


Password Recovery
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Password Reset
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