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How Can I Get Revenue through Milanoo.com's Affiliate Plaform?

Affiliate gets revenue by popularizing Milanoo's products, and the revenue is decided by the actual transaction. Affiliate should filter the ads pictures which were provided by Milanoo.com in advance ,and publishes these ads pictures into personal space. When a customer makes an order at Milanoo.com and pays for it by clicking the affiliate's ads link, Milanoo.com will deposit the prior commission into affilate's account.
Up to 30% commission rate on Milanoo.com.The commission amount will be the sale amount multiply by the commission rate. For example, the sale amount is $100(shipping fee excluded) and the due commission rate is 15%, so the commission amount will be $100×15%=$15.An affiliate may claim for billing when the commission amount reaches $20, and Milanoo.com will deposit to the affiliate’s Paypal account within 3 working days. An affiliate himself/herself should be obligated to pay due taxes.
To prevent fraud, we set up a 15 days Awaiting Verification status to the sales commission and will not pay any commission to the orders that canceled without reasons in this period.


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